Take the damn ear buds out or turn down the music to know what is going on around you sometimes!  It is also very rude to ignore others on the chair simply by tuning them out with your music! You would be amazed at what you can learn if you just talk to others on the hill and chair!
-Emma P Park City UT

I hate it when people cluelessly stand in front of the entrance to the lift lines. Just get out of the way and catch up with your friends on the side.
-Hans R. Jackson Hole

As a local here in South Lake Tahoe, I appreciate the money and attention we get from the tourists who come to enjoy our beatutiful lake and skiing.  But honestly, do you leave your common sense at home?  You delay lift lines with clueless acts like blocking the lines, letting empty chairs go by and not paying attention.  Stop acting like idiots and more like the locals if you want courtesy and respect. We are here to enjoy everything like you are...we just don't act like unaware fools.
-Jimmy P. South Lake Tahoe, CA

I have a warning for all skiers who ski the Tahoe area.  Watch out for a guy named Jason Heisler of Belmont CA.  He is a irresponsible reckless boarder who has hit at least one skier (me) in a slow zone.  He not only has he refused to take responsibility for a negligent act, but in spite of witnesses and legal action, has continued to ride recklessly.  He is on a list of snowboarders that are under scrutiny by the larger ski areas.  Watch out for this guy!
-J.A Reno NV

Have something to say...or...want some free stickers to promote this site and respect on the snow?  Email us at customerservice@jaaminc.com 

We encourage visitors to make comments, observations and help promote ethical behavior on the slopes.  Please email us at CustomerService@Jaaminc.com*

Visitor Comments:

I agree that there needs to be MUCH more awareness about common courtesy on the lifts lines.  I am tired of clueless people who wait right next to the loading area.  The worst seem to be parents with their young kids.  They let chairs go by while they herd the kids together.  In the meantime everyone behind them waits.  Not only are they rude to everyone else but they are showing a poor example to the kids.  Wake up parents...some of us are there to get runs in!
- Faith R. -Truckee, CA

It seems that boarders have a blind spot when they are riding and they assume everyone else should look out for them.  Seriously I wish the resorts would clamp down on recklessness of both boarders and skiers.
-Carter P. Vail, CO

While it sometimes seems the kids are the problem, I have learned from observation that more often than not, it is the adults/parents that are the root of the problems.  They are so focused on herding the kids and attending to them they ignore all that is going on around them including letting empty chairs go by, blocking the path to the lift and allowing their precious little darlings force others to wait.  PARENTS...many of us are HERE TO SKI/BOARD!  Making us wait while you show your children how you disrespect others just sets a bad example as well as create frustration to us that have come to get the most out of our day.
-Liz R. Mammoth Lakes, CA

I have been a skier for over 46 years and I have to say that there are certainly idiots boarding and skiing.  But I also have noticed that there are more rude, ignorant and clueless boarders in the late teens and early twenties.  Seriously, how dumb are you being out on the slopes with your lame baggy pants hanging down and/or your low class jerseys on?  What are you guys...like 8 years old?  Even they have more sense.
-Mark W. Dallas, TX

This attitude of "hard core" that most boarders have is just a show of immaturity and really does nothing for your enjoyment of the slopes.  Most mature and civilized people have a strong distain for that attitude and it will never have a positive affect for those that have it. I know I use big words for most boarders but if you "google" the ones you do not understand maybe that in itself will be progress. I seriously think most people drop 50 points of IQ when they strap on the snowboard.
-Raquel G. Taos, NM

*It may seem that we have a "anti-snowboarder bias but we are boarders as well.  The fact is over 80% of our emails are complaints about snowboarders and frankly, we riders here are embarrassed by that. That is why we are here promoting respect and courtesy for everyone.

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